The history of Seddon Park

Seddon Park was opened in the 1950s, and is named after notable New Zealand Prime Minister Richard Seddon (1845-1906).

In 1990 the oval was renamed Trustbank Park following a major renovation and construction of the present pavilion, sponsored by Trustbank Waikato.

Following the 1997 merger between Westpac and Trust Bank the ground was renamed Westpac Trust Park in line with the bank's name, then there was a subsequent change to Westpac Park.  The ground reverted back to its original name in 2006 when Westpac ended its sponsorship deal.

In the 1990/91 season Seddon Park was granted Test Match status and a major upgrade was undertaken in 2005/06 to comply with the requirements of international cricket.  The upgrade enabled the ground to be recognised as one of the best playing surfaces in the world.  See turf management for more details

For additional information regarding upgrades see upgrades at Seddon Park.